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Fliqlo is a simple but brilliant idea that is so good and so simple that you might start to wonder why no one has thought before. It is a minimalist clock screensaver that is activated only when the screensaver. It’s a screensaver, but it also gives you time to be very clear and simple is ideal for those working officeswhy is brainwave Fliqlo? Because when you are in the office you are often actually pulling away from computer phone calls from colleagues on boss conversations breaks and other office issues. A few people wore watches around with them as cell phones have made them unnecessary. Many office employees return to the desktop and move with the mouse only so they can watch the time. With this screen saver, you do not need to remove the screen saver. You can see the time as soon as you enter a visual area (Function () {(‘ Overview-App-Page-Desktop ‘);}); Conclusion-Brilliant and yet simple Ideano no longer you have to keep moving your mouse to see what time it is on your computer, because the Fliqlo screensaver is for you. It matches the time you specify on your computer. It is not great save but it is easily visible from a few feet away which makes the screen saver all the more convenient. If you are working in an office that is the ideal screensaver for you.

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